Shape Guide
General Meaning of the Shapes:

In this body of work I use two main types of organic shapes. Each has a specific meaning and a general meaning. In general terms I consider them to be synapses or dendrites. They can be thought of as synapses in the brain but this should not be taken too literally (though it could be). Though these are synapses that form an interconnected whole they are also individuals in themselves. Essentially they are creatures that form an interconnected community. This spawns various interpretations all of which I consider correct. They can be individuals that form a collective consciousness, society, organisms, cells, or even people.

Organic Shape 1:

Organic shapes like this one most often appear as a conglomerate. They represent the interconnected synapses that form the community, society, collective consciousness, brain, or network. They are members of a community functioning normally. They are part of a well balanced ecosystem. They are the multitudes.

Organic Shape 1

Organic Shape 2:

The synapse that is different from the rest is usually black. Its dendrites hang, droop, or run. This “abnormal” synapse is what I call a dying synapse. For whatever reason this synapse does not integrate or is not accepted by the collective whole. It is dissimilar, it is a misfit. Its connection to the collective consciousness, network, community and society is severed. It is disconnected.

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Solitary Dendrite


When squares appear in these paintings they are usually symbolic of order. In some cases they are symbolic of “the world of order.”

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Orange Square:

A small, different-looking, orange square always represents a member of the world of order who doesn’t belong there. It doesn’t fit in with order and is happier in the world of the synapses.

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Orange Square

Semicolon in a Square:

The semicolon in a square is symbolic of an entity belonging to the corporate world. It can be viewed as a businessman, employee, corporate worker etc. Multitudes of these shapes grouped together are symbolic of the “corporate world” which is a subsection of the “world of order.”

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Semicolon in a Square

Downward Oriented Dying Synapse:

This shape always appears with others of the same. It represents death.

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Downward Oriented Synapse

Black Circles:

A black circle can signify death or a personal feeling of darkness that the dendrites are attracted to. In certain instances it is the shadow of life.

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Black Circle
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